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Assmann Corporation of America is a manufacturer of large polyethylene tanks and containers in a variety of shapes and capacities. Assmann's capabilities include all necessary secondary processing such as fittings, vents, fill lines, heat tracing and insulation. Auxiliary metalwork such as cradles, supports, legs, and stands are available as standard accessories. Attention to detail and strict quality standards have made Assmann the preferred source for polyethylene tanks in the United States.


The Molded In Full Drain Outlet (FDO) assembly for tanks of 2,500 gallons and larger.- Watch the video.

Assmann Corporation manufactures polyethylene tanks and containers with up to 12,000 gallon capacities.

We begin by selecting virgin resins with no re-grind for each application and manufacturing plastic tanks in one-piece construction via rotational molding. Our extensive processing experience and commitment to quality construction provides superior plastic storage tanks for the harshest chemical services.

Assmann tanks are made from high density crosslinked polyethylene or FDA-conforming low density linear polyethylene. All tanks are rotationally molded to provide seamless, one-piece construction, conforming to ASTM D1998-93 standards for liquid containment.



Assmann polyethylene vertical storage tanks at a northern Illinois chemical company.

Quality materials, experienced engineering, the latest equipment and manufacturing expertise together with a competent workforce enable Assmann to provide a 5 year limited guarantee on their tanks.

Assmann tanks provide an economical solution to liquid storage and handling problems through outstanding performance and long service life.

A partial list of tank and accessory offerings:

  • Vertical Storage Tanks
  • Conical Bottom Storage Tanks
  • Free-Standing Horizontal Tanks
  • Rectangular Secondary Containment Basins
  • Cylindrical Secondary Containment Basins
  • Flanged and threaded fittings in both thermoplastic grades and stainless steel
  • Self-aligning fittings
  • Vents, fill lines, and drop-tube assemblies
  • Sight gauges
  • Tank tie-down arrangements

To offer you the best in service and support, supply the following information with your inquiry for a quality Assmann polyethylene tank:

  • Chemical or fluid to be stored
  • Temperature, and temperature maintenance requirements
  • Volume/gallons to be stored
  • Type of polyethylene for the intended application (or let us recommend it to you)
  • Installation location
  • Quantity, model if known, dimensions, and color
  • Accessories required, such as fittings, vents, fill lines, etc.
  • Space limitations


New item: Modular Polyethylene Tank Stand elevates tank 12" from grade, eliminates pouring expensive concrete.

Visit Assmann’s website at www.assmann-usa.com

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