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Corrosion Control with Non-Metallics
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Frontier Plastic Fabricators, Inc.

FRP Basket Strainers for Corrosion Applications and Equipment Protection

Frontier Plastic Fabricators has the ability to provide a fiberglass basket strainer right for you. From retro-fitting existing installations to new units, we can offer a total for a solutions package. If your service calls for a low-pressure housing, we can provide it, and save you money. If you need higher pressures, let us design one for you. The perfect compliment to a fiberglass piping system!

All FPF basket strainers come complete with top cover hardware (bolts and gasket, or o-ring and clamp-style, depending on application) and a suitable drain outlet plug or blind, creating a complete unit that can immediately be put into service.

Every one of our strainers are hydrostatically tested to 1.5 times the specified operating pressure, ensuring dependable service for your application.

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This strainer is a 3" line size with a 6" housing, using vinyl ester fabricated construction, quick-access top cover with o-ring seal, 304SS basket with 3/16" holes on 1/4" staggered centers,and a 3/4" drain tap.

Some of the options available:



Pressure/drain taps, flanged or threaded

Premium vinyl ester

Carbon steel

Vent taps


Stainless steel, all grades

Duplex arrangements



Legs, skirts, etc.

'C' glass and synthetic corrosion barriers


Custom labeling / tagging


Low-torque ripple faced flanges

Flat-basket designs


Shown to the left: A fabricated 12" strainer with a 14" housing, inlet and outlet use Frontier's own Ripple Face Flanges for easy sealing, PVDF Kynar® basket inside, quick-access spin-nuts on top for easy basket removal.

Shown to the right: A fabricated 6" duplex strainer with a 10" housing, inlet and outlet use Pureflex butterfly valves for flow diversion when basket cleaning is needed, 316SS baskets inside, quick-access clamps on top for easy basket removal.


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