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Corrosion Control with Non-Metallics
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For over 25 years, Jacobs Manufacuring has been producing quality fiberglass products for the water treatment industry, such as pump covers, buildings, troughs, weir plates, scum baffles, stop logs, slide gates, Parshall flumes, palmer-bowlus flumes, cut-throat flumes, and fiberglass for steel buildings.

Jacobs specializes in fiberglass buildings of all sizes and shapes, from 3'x3'x7' to 16'x20'x7'. Also available are 8' high buildings, built to customer specifications. Chlorine buildings are a specialty of Jacobs Manufacturing. These all-weather buildings are tough and shock resistant, light weight, easy to install, corrosion resistant and maintenance free. They provide a completely ecapsulated thermal barrier for protection against heat, cold, wind, rain, snow, salt spray, and dust. Jacobs' fiberglass buidings protect pumps, electrical gear, chlorination equipment, field-mounted equipment and electronics, generation, transmission, communications and pollutions monitoring equipment as well as personnel uses

A full line of building accessories are available, such as electrical, lighting, environment control, fire suppression systems, ventilation systems, fans, vents, interior environment sensors and exterior warning indicators, just to name a few.jacobs-02

Also available are custom instrumentation cabinets and sampler enclosures.

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